Friday, February 15, 2008

Back Seat of the Car

Just an update to Wednesday's far as #1, I cleaned out the van today.

9 socks
100 candy wrappers
2 bowls
4 water bottles
3 costco cups
25 legos
2 starbucks cups
2 backpacks
3 coats
5 stuffed animals &

but now it's pretty!


terri said...

That sounds very similar to what one might find in my car. I always find lots of socks. Dirty ones. And massive amounts of goldfish cracker crumbs. :)

E Jill Riley said...

Not anymore it's not! The Riley children fixed that clean car of yours. Thanks for the ride!

Chris said...

Mine is full of cheerios and goldfish and starbucks cups. No socks, but I'm sure we'll graduate to that soon.

P.S. Las Vegas is great, but I'm much more of a single parent this week than I expected. I'm trying to adjust my expectations and my attitude so we can all enjoy our week in the sun in spite of the less than expected amount of family time.