Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter Blues

That's what I'm blaming my hiatus on.

There is a craziness to this time of year and a boring mundane part.

I do things like make many trips to Costco for normal groceries...

...but also for events. Things like Super Bowl party, car trips to Helena for Bible Quiz meets, and Financial Peace class at church.

Yeah Giants, yeah for the Manning family! Sorry just had to put a little interjection in there.

Jarrett and his team earning their ribbon at Bible Quiz Meet. I think they came in third...I should remember and document such things. If you look closely you can see that Jarrett is beginning to look like a shaggy dog. He wants to grow his hair out. He thinks it will make his cowlic lay down. I love his cowlic...and so will all the girls...maybe the shaggy dog look won't be so bad!
Where we ate on the way home. The food was so good! And it reminded me of when my family bought a jar of Kim-chi to try since we were adopting Joy from Korea. My mom opened the jar in the kitchen ignoring the "contents under pressure" warning. The jar exploded and my grandmother, sitting in the living room, was almost instantly in tears. It was potent stuff!

This is our group that completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class. It's a much better picture than this one...
It was an amazing class. It is a lot of common sense money principles that really aren't common sense. I learned a lot about investments and insurance and mortgages as well. I feel like I have the tools to understand financial stuff now. That doesn't mean that I completely understand MY finances! Seriously though, it does feel good to have a solid handle on our finances and to have a plan for our money. It 's not just coming in and going out. Although I do use the phrase, "Darn you, Dave Ramsey" with some frequency. It is said in love, people, in love!

In the 12 weeks, the class as a whole paid of over $67,000 worth of debt, saved over $10,000, and turned down over $3 million dollars worth of credit card offers! We decided to cut the cake with one of the remaining credit cards to be shredded!

The rest of our days have been filled with PTA events at school, daily homework and chores (you know, make a meal...clean up from a meal...make a meal...clean up from a meal...make a meal...or maybe bathe a kid...do a load of laundry...bathe a kid...do a load of laundry...bathe a kid...maybe that's just if you have a million kids...that's how many I have you know...I'm sure of it...at least it seems like that from the mess they make!)

oh, and Hannah Montana...
But they are all lovely children...especially in sweaters sent by grandma in Texas. (mom, they all fit great with some growing room!)
And now I think it's time for some winter hibernation...
...at least until we get above freezing!


Trish D said...

Nice to get caught up! And can I just say that I'm thankful I don't have to pay your Costco bill :) Way to go on taking charge of the finances - still need to do a little work on that here.

Love the new blog header, too (who knows how long it's been there, but I finally noticed!)

Anonymous said...

I guess Elijah and Jarrett can be shaggy dogs together :)
Love to you all

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Mmmmm.... I-Ho's! It's my longstanding favorite restaurant (since the first time we ate there, that is) and where I usually spend my birthday. =D Isn't their food wonderful???!!

Jenn said...

Trish...I don't want to pay my Costco bill either, but since Mike put me on a cash budget I guess I have to!

Carrie...I think Elijah's hair was part of Jarrett inspiration...thanks!!!

Elizabeth...next time we are headed to eat there, I'll call. I'm not very adventurous...I only had the mild beef one (can't remember the name Bing-bong something or other...Mike had the sizzling one)

Deedee said...

Hiya Jen! Nice catch up. I love the photo at the top of the blog - too cute! Life sounds like fun at your place and I LOVE the sweaters from your Mom! She didn't actually knit those did she??? They are beautiful! (not that your Mom couldn't make something beautiful that is. Oh! I'll stop digging now!) Glad you are surviving the winter cold.

Jenn said...

No, mom did not knit those. They were purchased...Talbots kids on the little one and Limited Too on the bigger two.