Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm not letting you play with MY child!

When I was younger...and only had one child...I used to be very aware of who I was around.

Mikalah generally didn't play with kids that had older siblings. Why? Because they knew too much. Things that weren't appropriate for children their age to know.

Mikalah talked about Winnie the Pooh. They talked about Barbies.

Mikalah played patty cake. They played "na-na-na-na-boo-boo".

Mikalah had wonderful manners. They made demands of their parents.

Flash ahead 10 years...

Morgan's knows who Zack & Cody are.

Morgan plays tag and sticks her tongue out and wags her hands by her face and says, "you can't catch me".

Morgan just asked for a snack...with a cherry on top.

My child has become the child that first time parents won't let their children play with.

But she's cute!!!

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terri said...

I just had this same conversation with a friend of mine! The things that my third child does now I would NEVER have let my first one do at the same. HAHA And my three year old LOVES Zack and Cody. :)