Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She did NOT get her fashion sense from Daddy

Today I took Meredith running some last minute back-to-school errands. She wanted to buy some new sunglasses. So I showed her the Dora ones and the Barbie ones. But that's not what she chose. She chose these ones.

Then she told me she needed bigger underwear. Bad mommy still has her 5 year old who wears a size 6 wearing size 4 underwear. To the girls department for new underwear.

"Oh, and Mommy, can I buy a bra too?"

Oh yes she did ask that!!!

I guess that goes back to having older siblings. Meredith is definitely a little fashionista. And a girly-girl. She would wear a dress every day if possible and all the better if it glitters and is pink.

Mike on the other hand, wears whatever is on the top of the pile in his drawer. In an effort to make him look presentable I usually put the shirts I don't like at the bottom of the pile. Somehow he still manages to find them and wear them. However I must publicly confess to buying him a shirt that falls into the dorky category.

You see Mike has some weird phrases in his vocabulary.

"They were all over me like two dogs on a pork chop."

(He actually said that in church...once)

"Dog farts fried in butter."

(His answer to what is for dinner when he has been asked by small children twenty times)

But the most widely used phrase is in response to a question...

"Daddy, do I have to do chores?"

"Mike, do you have your knife on you?"

"Do bears poop in the woods?"

I seriously thought this was something dumb he made up until I came across this...

And I did buy it. I admit I spent the $9 on a dorky t-shirt. But it came with conditions. It is not allowed out of the house. It is a lounge around and watch tv shirt. Maybe a mow the lawn shirt, but that's pushing it. However it has now become a favorite - one he will dig to the bottom of the pile to find.

I know - no complaining - I bought it. Hopefully my daughters will learn from this experience and just take a picture of the shirt instead.


Becca said...

Underwear deals on my most recent post!

Heasleye said...

LOVE that Mike! :)

Peggie said...

Sounds like he and my son's and brothers would get along just fine! Funny!

seth said...

Okay...the fried farts comment is absolutely hilarious. And SOOO Mike.

jenn@myderbe said...

That is hilarious!