Sunday, August 17, 2008

Overheard Today

Morgan: I don't want to! (I do NOT like this phase!)

It's not's playtime!

Jeffrey: Mommy...I'm hungry. (said about 20 min after each meal where he had cleaned his plate - must be a growth spurt!)

Meredith: I accidentally kicked Jeffrey when he took my chalk. (How many times have I said, "Lord, I accidentally opened my mouth?")

Jarrett: I'm homesick for Indiana. I had 25 friends there and I only have 15 here. (said before he went to a back-to-school pool party this evening.)

Judson: (in response to Miss Carrie asking what he did this summer) stuff (a boy of many words)

Mikalah: Mikalah was on the news Sat night and it was just posted to the internet. Now so You can figure out who she is...when the reporter is in the boat, she is on the far left of the screen bobbing in a life jacket. And when the kids jump in from the side of the pool, she is wearing the turquoise bathing suit and jumps the furthest out. Technically she doesn't say anything, but thought it was cool that she was on the evening news!


Kimber said...

Ok, so I'm not good at watching blogs yet, but something amazing happens when your kids suddenly get out of the house for four hours a day, five days a week! It's so lovely to see what you're up to! (Lovely - I picked that up from my British friends :)

Anonymous said...

That was fun to see Mikalah on the news! I hope that Phelps does have an impact on kids getting to the pool. We're already spending a lot of time at the pool. If nothing else, Ethan will have acquired life-long skills that I hope will contribute to his well being and enjoyment in life.


Deedeeuk said...

Hey girl! That was cool seeing her on the news! I have two that are hungry after every meal, but they are both very chatty and you are in no danger of getting one word answers from them. LOL! You are more likely to get a run down of the entire three months, take a seat!