Friday, August 8, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman Interview

If you missed this interview, grab some tissues before you watch! What a wonderful example!!!

Good Morning America Interview

Years ago I read a book where the father said that beofre his children were born he planned that if any of his children came to him with "bad news", the first words out of his mouth would be "I love you!" I have used that before, thankfully not with anything horrible, but I am so thankful for that plan. Sometimes we receive news that can knock out feet out from under us. That's when we really need a plan. Otherwise, we react with emotion.

It sounds like a similar thing is what has been able to keep the Chapman's son strong - the unconditional love of a family.

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Shay said...

I watched it yesterday on YouTube and realized I could never be a reporter. I simply could not sit there and make calm observations after that. I bawled like a baby through most of it, in particular when he said, 'Will Franklin, your father loves you.' He didn't tell him it's ok, or it's not your fault, or what you would expect - he said what his son most would need to hear, that his love for him would never change. What an amazing family.