Thursday, December 4, 2008

Costco Funny

A man named Artie went into Costco the other day and saw a dollar laying on the floor. At the same time four other people saw the dollar. A wrestling match ensued and Artie strangled the other four people. The next day the newspaper headline read: Artie chokes four for a dollar at Costco.

Compliments of Terrell my friendly cashier and friend at Costco, whom I have seen three times in the last three days.


Deanne said...

I guess you have to laugh, otherwise it's rather quite disturbing (about the strangling over a buck incident, not your having been at Costco three days in one week, although....)

Heasleye said...

OK, I have to admit it took me a few readings for it to sink in...but I knew it was in there somewhere...artichokes, 4 for $1 at Costco! :) Heehee...were you buying artichokes?

terri said...

But I don't know what's funnier....the joke, or the fact that you are on a first name basis with your cashier, who tells you funny jokes. :)

Todd said...

When I had to mention Costco in my blog I thought your joke said it all.