Friday, December 5, 2008

A very busy Friday

While I didn't leave the house except to pick up kids from school, today was a very full day!!!

I thought it might be interesting just to see what all happened...(other than showering and eating)
  1. made a fun salad for lunch
  2. finished all the hand wash-able laundry
  3. cleaned one bathroom
  4. cleaned off the kitchen counter (a huge task in itself)
  5. made over 70 pasties with Gail and Jill
  6. changed out my seasonal kitchen towels
  7. made stewp for tomorrow dinner
  8. cleaned all the dishes
  9. cleaned up my laundry room & even wiped down all the lint that accrues inside the washer lid
  10. vacuumed the kitchen & living room/dining room
  11. made coffee (I never make coffee - I just drink what others made)
  12. rearranged the girls' room
  13. put decorations out from one Christmas box
  14. put up a tree in the girls' room
  15. added new soap to the bathroom dispenser - which was funny to watch because it had been out in the garage and it is freezing outside
  16. watched four extra children this afternoon
  17. updated my facebook
  18. beat Mike in Wordtwist
  19. returned several emails
  20. cared for three whiny kids, two sick children, and one pre-teen!


Deanne said...

Ooo-wee, you were busy and quite productive! Way to go!! I assume this means that you had a good nights sleep last night. :)

Heasleye said...

Good grief, Jenn! That was one FULL day! Way to be a hard workin' momma!