Saturday, December 13, 2008

He Has Landed

I have been quiet the last few days because Mike has been out of town and I don't like to advertise to the world that I will be home alone...if you can call being with six children and a dog alone. Just the security part of me.

While Mike was gone, the temps have been a bit chilly, so I was charged with keeping the wood stove stocked. Now that is totally not me...I just don't do those kind of things. But it has been kind of fun. Every six hours or more often I get to add wood. And I am pleased to announce that only once did the fire go out and I had to restart it. That was this morning, because I refused to get out of bed at 6am just to add fire to the stove. Thankfully I was able to get the fire started again, because the temperatures have been dropping this morning.

When I finally got out of bed at 8am (now that's sleeping in!) it was 34 degrees and clear. As I type, there are four inches of snow on the ground, I can not see across the street because of how heavily the snow is coming down and it is 11 degrees. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be -3 degrees...yes, below zero for the HIGH! That is stay inside kind of weather! But alas, since we are the pastor's family we plan to go to church in the morning.

However, we may be without a pastor! You see, Mike's plane left Minneapolis this morning. He called me when he landed...back in Minneapolis. Apparently they need just one mile of visibility to land in Billings. We have less than one quarter of a mile right now. Airport is closed. Hopefully things will clear up and he will fly in later this evening, but I am not holding my breath.

So I get to play Ma Ingalls for a little while longer.


Kimber said...

Hi Jenn!!! Er, Ma Ingalls, that is! Yup, that definitely sounds cold!! I can't relate too well, although we have seemed to have a slight cool spell these last few days, since the high was only 94. :) But the fire does sound cozy!

Shay said...

Ma Ingalls, lol! I love those books. :)