Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time Keeps Ticking Away

I figured I had better come and say hello before a whole month had gone by.

At any given moment, there are things running through my head that I would like to put down here. And I think, oh, let me put this one load of laundry in and then I'll write about that. Or let me just run this back to the girls room and then come write about that. You get the idea. But somehow I don't remember to come back. Sadly I find myself doing that with the kids sometimes too. "Let me finish this and then I will read a book to you."

So for today, here are my random thoughts...

  • My ice-maker has stopped working. No idea why, just stopped. So now I am trying to remember to buy ice when I am at the store. We seem to go through about five-six bags a week. Of course much of that is my ice chewing addiction and the fact that I have a little water with my cup of ice.

  • I have "worked-out" three days a week for the last two-and-a-half months. Each month I buy myself something as a reward. January I bought two cute sports bras. (although I really don't know why, packing tape would have done the same trick - nursing six children didn't leave much to "support") February I bought new sneakers - yes, that's what I call them! I think at the end of March I will buy some pants - I have been working out in my PJs. It's a good thing I work out at home, where only the babies see me. And they don't care what I look like as long as I feed them and put on the computer for them.

  • I applied for and received the positions of Council Coordinator for MOPS International for Eastern Montana. As Council Coordinator I am the first line of communication with local MOPS groups to MOPS International. I am also responsible for training. But really one of the best parts is that now I have to go to Convention in the Fall. I know that is really shallow. I promise I have better reasons. But at 2 in the afternoon with a three year old that doesn't get the concept of quiet time, its the best reason I have!

  • Tuesday, Mike and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary of the day Mike asked me to marry him. We feel old! Just as in past years, I made Mike Tamale Pie. It is this recipe that he says his mother used to make and he loved. However, his mom doesn't remember making it - although I have the recipe in her handwriting, so somewhere along the line I guess she did. Mike and the kids love it, but I think it is nasty (sorry, Mom). However, I make it to commemorate Mike leaving his family and "cleaving" to me. And by some strange coincidence every March 10th, I have someplace to be and don't have to eat Tamale Pie. This Tuesday was no exception. I had Bible Study, so I got a plain cheeseburger and sweet tea at McD's - it was $2 happiness. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

  • The Bible study that I am doing right now is Beth Moore's Daniel. This is an awesome study! It is almost like a college course it is so intense. We are studying end times stuff right now and it makes my head spin, but in a good way. Most of the ladies in my group are newer Christians and if I had known that this would be this intense, I probably wouldn't have chosen it, but I am so glad we did! And the ladies are so excited about it. I think if we had done something less, they would have felt like they were wasting their time. It is very cool to watch!

  • I really want to get rid of the wallpaper off the walls of my kitchen and paint them and make it all look pretty. But that means making a mess of my kitchen first. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Also, it's not as much fun renovating by yourself.

So there you have some of my crazy thoughts. As Kate, from Jon&Kate says, "Today I very well may loose my mind, but I'll warn you when that is going to happen." That's how I feel sometimes. Instead I hope that when time ends, I have accomplished everything God wanted me to do...


Heasleye said...

Hey there, stranger! :) Good to read your random thoughts!
Congrats on the Council Coordinator position. You'll do a great job!
I just watched that Jon and Kate episode yesterday. :)
Way to go with working out so consistently! Woohoo!

Deedee said...

Hiya girl!
Great to hear from you. I think I was about to send out a search party to see what happened to you! LOL! Congrats on the new position and on 15 years of being engaged/married! We have a lot going on right now too, but I wanted to stop and say hi! -Debs

Pastor Mike said...

Don't worry sweetheart - I will make you Tamale Pie sometime soon - I'm just sorry that you had to miss it AGAIN. Maybe I will even make it with Venison as an extra special treat for you.

By the way - have you seen my mind? I seem to have lost it around here somewhere.

Trish D said...

Way to go on the MOPS position and on the exercise!!