Friday, March 27, 2009


Meredith and Jeffrey really seem to be struggling to drink. They just don't want to. We have popsicles often, but I'd really like to see them drinking more. They are also still looking for their pain meds right at four hours, so I know they are still in a fair amount of pain. Please pray that they would be thirsty, that they would drink some of their fluids, and that Jeffrey would be okay with being quiet!!! The boy still talks non-stop! (Think Elijah, Carrie!) He needs to rest his voice and he doesn't seem to "get it".

On a side note, please pray for me and my motivation. When I spend this many days in my house I tend to want to just sit and play on the computer or watch tv. No place to go, no one coming over...the laundry sits, who cares that the beds are unmade or toys all over the living room, and since two people aren't really eating I don't really have to cook, do I? See what I mean - need to keep up my motivation.

And pray that I remember to come back and update you - lol. If you don't hear from me in three days - send out a search party!

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Trish D said...

Lifting you all up in prayer