Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recap in pictures

Recap of the past few case it is a while until you hear from me again. The Empire State Building, complete with lights (for school project).Jeffrey - before
Medicine didn't seem to make him too sleepy
Meredith - before
took a nap while we waited

Jeffrey - after
Had 3 glasses of apple juice, apple sauce, 5 popsicles & 2 puddings
(and one of Daddy's onion rings)
Meredith - after
2 glasses of apple juice, 1 popsicle & 1 pudding
Daddy - after
2 popsicles & 1 pudding
Kids did well their first day at home. Seem to anticipate when it is time for more pain meds - even in the middle of the night. We had popsicles at 2 am last night. All-in-all everyone is doing great. Thank you for all of your prayers. Oh, and the whining is still there, and apparently they both still want to talk...a lot!

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Deedee said...

Thanks for letting us know. Glad all went well. That is a true blogger. Photographing your kids before and after surgery for the blog post! LOL!