Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long Overdue

Wow, it has been way too long! For those of you that know the Iverson's well, you know that we are just nearing the end of birthday season. That's my only excuse. I think it is the same excuse I used last year! So here is six weeks in pictures.

Mother's Day at Riverfront Park. We took Subway to the park and just relaxed.

Mikalah and I had gone shopping the week before and Mikalah "secretively" bought this hat for me... ...not so sure it was really a secret. Hard to hid something that size, but I love it!!! It is my southern belle hat! Perfect for sitting by the pool with a book!

Morgan's Birthday: May 27th. Can you tell she is a girly girl??

One of the things she asked for was a Dora bathing suit.

We took some friends out to the ranch to play around for the day. This is the view on the way to "Little Wall" (because it looks like a little kids always ask where big wall is...)

Boys and their toys...they go to blow things up.

My girls on the fourwheeler. Morgan went from one ride to another...all day long!

Mikalah and Judson both spent most of their time on the motorcycle.

Other uses for the fire ring. Later that day we did roast "smarshmallows" (according to Morgan)

One day I went with my friend, Jill, to take some pictures of the kids.

Jill had fun trying to get Jeffrey to follow directions. Mommy did not.

But a few good shot were to be if I could just get Jill's shots...

Jarrett collided with a friend on a trampoline and came home with a good shiner. (a little hard to see, but it was pretty!)

And had his 8th birthday, complete with Mountian High Mud Pie. We tried to get one from Red Robin, but ended up making our own. It was soooo yummy and we had to throw part of it away before we started eating it for breakfast!

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