Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grampy T. comes to Town

My grandfather came for a visit on my birthday this year. He is 85 years young and made the big trip to see our family. When he arrived he said he wanted to play with the kids and eat out as often as possible. We were happy to oblige with both! However, the weather had different ideas. For the four days that he was here we had some miserable weather. Rainy and highs in the low 50s. But there were a few breaks and we took advantage of them.

The kids last day of school was Friday and Grampy arrived right before school was out. We picked them up and played on the playground for a bit. Sat. was so yucky that we stayed inside, ate chicken noodle June people!...and played the Farming game...and Iverson tradition.

Sunday after church, the sun peeked out for a bit, so we played and then came back home for the traditional popcorn and cheese and crackers dinner.

On Monday we decided to take Grampy to Yellowstone since he had never been. It was quick trip, and we didn't see everything, but we did see some cool stuff and experienced a variety of weather.

After we took this picture, we went back to the van to discover the doors were locked and Mike had left the keys in the ignition. By only a miracle, the driver's door was unlocked and we were able to get in.

Yes, that is SNOW!!!

The clan at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

What a suspicious group of kids!

I'm sure Grampy thought we would lose a child or two over the edge each time we stopped somewhere. I did too!

Grampy bought us all ice cream as an afternoon snack.

The Dragon's Mouth hot spring.

The moose we saw when we were leaving the park...after we drove through a foot of snow.

Dinner in Cody. Oh it was sooooo good! I don't think we needed to eat for the next 24 hours. Grampy and I both got a brisket sandwich. So yummy in my tummy!

I hope there are many more pictures like this!!!

Thank you, Grampy, for such a special visit. You showed me to be more patient with my children and enjoy them. To slow down and look around. To relax a little. To be generous with everything, but most of all my smile.


Deedee said...

Oh Jen! What a wonderful time! It was GREAT to see all those pics of Mr.T He is looking really good.

I must admit that the last one had me a bit choked as I thought about how much I'm going to miss having anymore pictures like that with Grandpa. *sniff,sniff*

OK. Keyboards don't like getting this wet! I'm going to go now. But thanks for sharing. And next time you talk to Mr.T please tell him that I said hi and send him a big hug. (((HUGS)))

Ivy Six-Pack said...

It was a little hard not to be thinking the whole visit that this could be the last time I see him. Not that his health is failing, but it has been three years since I last saw him...I understand! I will tell him you said hello. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have him be able to share that time with the kids!!
Carrie S

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

They are great pictures, so good to see all of you and how the children have grown; espically the "baby". It was good to see your grandfather, I've been wondering how he was doing and he looks great, so thankful!

You can go on my blog and catch up, I finally wrote after nearly a year, a busy year and I couldn't get myself to write until now.

Take care.
"Because He Lives" Love, AuntieR