Monday, June 15, 2009

A Do-Nothing Day

Today I did NOTHING.

But let me explain.

This past weekend my husband kidnapped forced took our family to the camp that he attended when he was a child. They were having "Family Camp" and he was the speaker.

Let me just say that Jennifer is excited about camp has not been issued since jr. high. Back then I was more concerned about the cute boys. Of course there was still a cute boy, but there are now things like dirt, bugs, and dirt.

But my husband was so excited, so we packed up the family and went. Into the mountains...out of cell stay in a little cabin...and sleep on a hard, skinny bed. Sleep is such a broad term. It could mean to close your eyes and enter a relaxed state of slumber for 6-8 hours.

Or it could mean that you attempt to find a comfortable spot on a bed that is only 24 inches across.

Or that are still cold despite wearing four layers and snuggling into your sleeping bag with it pulled up over your head and completely zipped up.

Or it could be that when you are finally able to close your eyes for a few seconds that your youngest child wakes up crying and decides that there is room in your sleeping bag for her too.

Or it could be that your middle son's iturtle starts to go off, and you question for the tenth time why he brought it with him.

Or you discover that now is the time for your allergies to pine to kick in...when you are in the middle of the mountains covered in pine trees.

And because of said allergies you discover that you haven't been taking your allergy medicine long enough for it to build up in your system.

Or you discover that maybe your husband and two other children seem to have a similar sensitivity to pine trees.

And if you combine all of that together you would have a combined total of 4 hours of actual eye closed relaxed slumber in a 48 hour time period.

Then you would come home and take a long hot shower and try to have some blissful eye-closed relaxation for nine beautiful hours except for the fact that you still can't breathe out of your nose.

So today I laid on the couch...took lots of meds...and tried to sleep...amidst children asking for something every few seconds. Thankfully the hubby also stayed home and fed the kids and talked to the plumber and the hvac guy.

So today, I did nothing.

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