Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday: Hymns

Sometimes hymns can be slow and old-fashion, but they are what I remember singing in church growing up. they bring back wonderful memories of snuggling with my mom in the pew watching my grandmother play the piano. Or memories of sitting on the piano bench with my grandmother. Both grandmothers played the piano or the organ for church. Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday get the idea. I've listened and sung a lot of hymns.

I love how some musicians are taking the hymns and updating the music. The same wonderful words and melody, but fun music. One of those musicians are the Go Fish Guys. I love their music; my kids love their music; judging by the dancing, my van likes the music. They have a new CD, Kickin' It Old School. They have taken lots of hymns and made them funky. and my kids LOVE it. We have been listening to nothing but that CD in the van for the last six weeks!

There is just something gratifying about hearing your four year old sing "sweet, sweet song of salvation" while she is coloring!

Go Fish is releasing one of their songs for the radio: My Father's World. You can listen to the whole album by clicking on the music in the side bar of Jamie's (one of the Go Fish Guys) blog. Enjoy!!!

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