Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thought

Earlier this week I was throwing myself a pity party, and let me tell you, I can throw a good one! But thankfully I have a good friend that is good about gently pushing me back to where I should be. While feel overwhelmed and disappointed, she reminded me to go back to what I knew I should be doing...back to the basics. Was I reading my Bible every morning? Was I getting some exercise? Two things that can easily change your perspective and give you energy. After getting back to what I knew to heart began to refocus. I still feel a bit overwhelmed and disappointed, but I'm not allowing it to consume me or dictate my emotions and reactions. Thank you, Lord for amazing friends that you have put in my life! Now if you would just move them a little closer...

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Deedee said...

Thanks for passing the blessing along as I too needed to be reminded of these two things after the week I just had. *blush*

And a hearty AMEN to the moving them closer part too! Love ya! - Deb