Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Some one asked me what I do all day now that I only have one child at home. Really, I wanted to come up with some snarky comment, but I was too dumb-founded that they would actually ask me that question. I said something about still having lots of laundry and cleaning and cooking to do, but then their comment stayed with me all day today. It is now after 9pm and I am just sitting down with "nothing" to do and I thought I would recap the day...

Alarm goes off @ 5:45am
Hit snooze
Alarm goes off again @ 5:50am and I know I have to get up or risk being late
get coffee
get dressed
do my hair
wake sweet children
help Mikalah print her english assignment
wake sweet children for a second time
make sure sweet children have their clothes out for the day
encourage sweet, sweet children to get dressed quickly
bribe child #5 with being able to ride his bike if he gets dressed and eats quickly
fix breakfast
warm dryer
explain to children that they must have cereal this morning because they are all moving slowly
explain to sweet crying children that I will fix eggs tomorrow
tie four pairs of shoes
floss three sets of teeth
load children in van
deliver child #1 to the high school
deliver child #2 to the junior high
deliver child #3 to elementary #1
do child #4's hair
deliver child #4 & #5 to elementary #2
do child #6's hair
call school of child #1 to inform of dentist appointment
call school of child #4 to inform of dentist appointment
call orthodontist to reschedule child #2's appointment
stop at home to unload/reload dishwasher and clean up breakfast
warm dryer
pick up child #1 from high school
run to music store to get new book for baritone
deliver child #1 to junior high
run to store for groceries
pick up child #4 for dentist appointment
pick up child #1 for dentist appointment
pick up #4 from dentist and have a mcwonderful lunch
pick up #1 from dentist and get her St.Arbucks for sore mouth
deliver child #4 back to school
deliver child #1 back to school
run home to go potty - child #6 does not like public restrooms and self-flushing potty
unload groceries and warm dryer
go to Costco for rest of groceries
go home and unload rest of groceries and warm dryer
make lemon bars and call friend
brown ground beef for dinner
unload and reload dishwasher
pick up child #4 & #5 from school
go home to go potty and get snack
go pick up child #3 from school
go home and meet child #2
call teacher of child #3 to schedule meeting time
make lasagna
watch child #5 ride bike
look through all papers from school
read mail
warm dryer
pick up child #1 from softball
make salad and heat bread
get child #2 snack and ready for football
send child #2 to football
warm dryer
finish dinner prep
answer survey woman at door
eat dinner
direct children for evening clean up
lock self in bedroom and talk to awesome friend!!!
(while amazing hubby gets kiddos ready for bed)
warm dryer
answer email and make a few mops phone calls
realize I forgot to do five things on today's to-do list
add them to tomorrows
warm dryer
load dishwasher
get ready for bed
fold load from dryer and start another
snuggle with hubby and watch top chef...or at least the first 20 min before I fall asleep before 11pm


Deedee said...

Yeah! What DO you do all day? :oP LOL! Love ya! - Deb

nicole said...

I'm exhausted just reading that. You are amazing!

So they didn't get the ride from the high school to the jr. high figured out?!

Ivymamma said...

Basically ended up being a compromise...we have legal grounds to demand that they provide transportaion, but just didn't want to fight that battle. So we share the job. When it comes to Judson, there is no one to share with...I won't be liking that then.