Thursday, February 17, 2011

Influenza A

I have always had this theory that we don't get flu shots, because we are not in a high risk situation. We got flu shots one year and we all got some strain of the flu. It was not pretty. You can't make me do that again!

Well, this year, the first time in six years, the flu has struck the Iverson household. Yesterday I took JJ to the doctor for a strep test. I thought for sure, the fever, chills, and cough were going to result in strep. Nope. Influenza A.

Others in the family seem to be fighting well. No one else has succumb yet.

And JJ...the doctor gave him Tamiflu. That stuff is amazing! Less than 24 hours later and JJ is up and running like nothing was wrong. Who knew? An Anti-Viral! I'm on to them now! No more going to the doctor and coming out empty handed!


Heasleye said...

And we thought Seth had the flu and found out, nope...strep! Ethan and I have been keeping our distance and I think we're in the clear now. I hope the rest of you stay that way, too!

Shay said...

We never get flu shots either, for the same reason. I've been lectured about it many times, but I'm standing my ground for now, lol. So glad the tamiflu worked for your little guy!!