Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick Day Activities

I know, the fact that I am sick is not new news. And I'm not complaining (much), but this is day FIVE! So this morning I went to the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything more than just a bad case of the flu. The good news is I don't have strep and I don't have pneumonia. Just a really bad case of the flu! My kids that had the flu were down and back up within three days. Somehow they also still had energy. I have no energy.

I have been in bed for the past several days. My computer next to me and occasionally I will work on it, but really, my fingers almost hurt too much to type. (pathetic, I know) So I have watched quite a bit of TV. HGTV, TLC, CNN, Food Network. After four days of this routine, I have discovered a few things.

1. News people stretch a 10 sec news story into 30 min and really say nothing new

2. All the good food contains lots of butter, chocolate, or cream

3. People looking for a new house are unrealistic and picky

4. People remodeling their home underestimate how much what they want will cost and aren't usually willing to sacrifice to stay on budget

5. It is possible to cook in a kitchen without granite counter-tops

6. Most families who participate in pageants spend more money than it would cost to send that child to college.

7. I really want to learn to make cupcakes

8. Christiane Amanpour is my favorite reporter.

9. I now know that T.U.F.F. Puppy is. I could have lived without knowing

10. My husband is amazing and does a wonderful job caring for our children when I can't.

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