Monday, February 7, 2011

Teaching Moments

As mommies, we look for those moments to take what we are doing and turn it into a teachable moment with the young jedi in our lives. When those teachable moments happen, it is a very prideful moment as a mommy.

This past Friday, Morgan and I met Mike for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet. We greatly enjoyed the crab rangoon, sesame chicken, and jello - both red and yellow! Of course there was also the end of the meal fortune cookies. Mike headed back to work, and Morgan and I started running our errands. Mike does not like fortune cookies, so he gave his to Morgan. Once she was buckled in her seat, she broke into her cookies.

She passed her first one up to me to read. It said something like, People find it hard to resist your persuasive personality. Now, to explain that to a four year old! The conversation went something like this:

Mommy: That means when you ask nicely, people are more likely to do what you ask.
Morgan: Like when I say "please"!
Mommy: Exactly - I love it when you use your manners!

And the mommy pride grew! Yeah for taking a silly thing like a fortune cookie and using it to reinforce manners.

Morgan ate her cookie and read the numbers on the back - double yeah for working on knowing our numbers!

Then came the second cookie. Morgan passed it forward and I read it. Follow your heart and have a prosperous day. Oh sure - this should be easy to explain!

Mommy: (high on the success of the first fortune) that means that when you do the things you know you should do, like make your bed, put your clothes away, and obey mommy and daddy, you will have a good day

Morgan: well, lets just crumple that one up

Mommy pride deflated!


Ivymamma said...

I should add that yesterday when I told her to do something and please be obedient to mommy, she replied, "but we crumpled that one up!".

Needless to say she got the "look" and informed that just becuase you crumpled the fortune doesn't mean you don't still have to be obedient!

Amber said...

That is great! Love it! There are many things I wish I could crumple up and then they don't exist anymore! ;)