Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where to Start?

So remember way back when I said one of my goals was organizing and setting up routines for our household? Yeah, me too...

Well, this is the week I am beginning...I have finally thought my way into a plan.

Unfortunately, I'm still not 100% which room to start with.

The kitchen? It is the hub of the house.

The living room? It is the room I spend a lot of time in and the first room you see when you enter and the "hospitality room".

The master bedroom? It is my retreat, my sanctuary.

The basement family room? The room the family spends a lot of time in.

(That in no way implies that I try to spend a lot of time away from the family!)

I have long found it interesting that each person has one space in their house that they go to first when it is time to clean. Their place that once it is clean, they can think, can breathe.

If you had to pick one space in your home to start with, to organize, to decorate, what would it be?


Amber said...

Our kitchen/dining/living area is one big combined room. I feel comfortable if these rooms are "tidy", not necessarily clean! But if I happen to spend time getting another room in the house all spic and span...that is the room I will find myself gravitating to. :)

E Jill Riley said...

I would practice on my friends house first just to make sure I had my organizing skills down!

E Jill Riley said...

I would practice on my friends house first to make sure. That my organizing skills were down and THEN work on my bedroom, kitchen, living room, kids rooms, then, playroom, in that order.

dannielo said...

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cnirish said...

I would do my kitchen. I LOVE to cook in a clean kitchen, knowing that I have enough counter space to do my prep work, and the ability to set the clutter free table. Alas, right now that is NOT the case.

Shawna Lee