Tuesday, January 22, 2008

57 Days Until Spring

I really don't like snow...and I really don't like wind...but I really DETEST the two together!

That's what we have right now. This past weekend we got 12 inches of snow and Monday's high was 8 degrees! I know just about everyone around the states is dealing with cold and snow or ice, but it was just a little bit ago that it was 60 degrees here and I was wearing walking shorts. Today I wore two shirts and leggings and jeans plus my fake Uggs (better known as fUggs) and my parka, gloves, hat and scarf anytime I had to leave the house.

This is what it looked like half-way through our weekend snowfall. No sitting in the hammock today!

Rumor has it that the weekend will be back in the mid 40s, just in time for more snow next week. Thank goodness there are only 57 days until the first day of Spring. If only that really meant anything. I'm not sure I'll thaw out until June!


This evening I channeled my wanna-be southern roots and made Chicken Fried Steak. My husband acted like he was in heaven and asked why it took 13 years of marriage for me to make it! As I ate it I could feel the fat suctioning itself to my thighs. While I will admit the steak, mashed potatoes, and required country gravy was good, if eaten more than once a year I may grow larger than the house!

Combined with last night's meal of Baked Potato Soup and homemade bread and our family is now starting a regular exercise program!


I promised a few of my six loyal readers I would show you the canvases that I painted for our church preschool. I just used regular latex wall paint and a black paint pen (for outline) and then hot glued black ribbon around the edges to hide the staples on the canvas. The whole project cost about $25 thanks to the 50% sale at Hobby Lobby. (Thank you Hobby Lobby for coming to Billings!) And last but definitely not least, we bought a new bed this weekend at, of course, Costco. Mattress and box spring and memory foam topper. The memory foam part has finally "popped out", so tonight will be the first night sleeping on it. I'll let you know what I think. Right now it just seems weird. However new bed for us meant our bed became Judson's bed and Judson's bed became Jeffrey's bed and Jeffrey's toddler bed is no more. Only one child left not in a "big kid" bed!

And of course new beds mean cleaning...the vac behind the bed, under the bed, and find all sorts of treasures...most not valuable...kind of Spring Cleaning...except Spring is still too far away!


Deanne said...

I love your canvas art! Very cool! Ryan has been experimenting with canvas and paint too. Nothing blog worthy, yet.

New bed whoo-hoo! Cleaning b/c of new bed, not so whoo-hoo. But one kid left for toddler bed...priceless!

Snow. Ewe. I hereby formally invite you over for a visit, anytime! Come enjoy our fabulous weather (our 'lows' here are laughable!).

btw....I replied to your question about e-dish on my blog - look in the comments.

Deedee said...

You may think this is nuts - but I'm jealous of the snow!!! We haven't seen snow like that since before I was married! We just have cold, damp, dark, grey, blah for most of the winter and let me tell you that this damp cold goes right through you no matter how many layers you wear!! Yuck! And thank you so much my dear friend - now you have ME craving a chicken fried steak! LOL! You're pictures are really stunning. You are very talented and creative (as well as thrifty!)

Jenn said...

Deanne...that invite is very tempting!!!

Deedee...you are right, I should be thankful for sunshine and snow instead of gray days. Although gray and 60 sounds really good right now!

Heasleye said...

Love your canvas art!!

traci said...

I love Hobby Lobby... Nice job on your art work... the preschool room looks great too!

terri said...

Yeah - ummm - your snow picture looks a tad different from mine. HAHA Can you send us some?!?!!?