Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keys, Anyone?

Just a few minutes ago I went outside (25 degrees) to load Morgan and go get the other two from preschool. I put her and my purse in the car and remembered I had left my phone in the house. I ran back in and was coming out to strap her into her car seat and get going.

She was so proud of herself sitting in the passengers seat, looking like a giant marshmallow in her pink fluffy coat...with the doors locked. Apparently the lock button was appealing.

I reached into my coat pocket for my keys. That's where they usually are. However, Mike started the van for me this morning with his keys. So I wouldn't lose his keys when I got out of the van, I put them into my purse. That also happens to be where my keys are.

Two sets of keys...both in my purse...both locked in the van...with marshmallow girl.

She was so proud of herself as she continued to push the lock button. I called Mike and continued to encourage Morgan to keep pushing the button just hoping she would eventually hit the UNlock button.

She did!! And I quickly opened the door, grabbed her, and gave her a big hug. Disaster averted...or so I would think.

I looked at my watch and realized the whole ordeal was less that five minutes and we still had time to get to preschool on time. I closed the front door of the van and tried to open the side door. Locked? How did she manage to unlock just the front door? No worries, just open the front door and unlock the rest of the doors. Locked!

Somehow when I opened the door, she must have hit the lock button again. Now both sets of keys and my cell phone are locked in the car, but my baby is not!

Thanks to Terri for bringing my kids home from preschool and to USAA for, yet again, unlocking my van doors. I think this is four times in four years. (The first time was when we had our van for one day.) Time to get a third key and give it to a friend!!!


Elizabeth Wickland said...

One more reason I love my Prius - it won't lock if the keys are inside.

Jenn said...

Now if only the Prius came in a 10 passenger option!

indyjulie said...

At least I'm not the only one who loses their keys... and phone.. okay and today I took the kids to school in my monkey pajamas. (luckily, I just drop off now).

Chris said...

What an adventure, and one I'm sure will soon be on my own personal list of experiences. The joys of toddlers.