Thursday, January 17, 2008

Morgan's Words

  • thank you
  • please
  • bye
  • go
  • daddy
  • mommy
  • ka-ka (Carrie)
  • JJ
  • sissy
  • bubby
  • mee-mee (Meredith)
  • mo-mo (morgan)
  • cooter (scooter - jeffrey)
  • woo-hoo (mitzi the dog - there's a story with that one)
  • puppy
  • baby
  • downstairs
  • house
  • eat
  • juice
  • puppy
  • elmo
  • dora
  • diego
  • boos coos (blues clues)
  • night-night
  • car
  • hat
  • nose
  • eye
  • ear
  • cheek
  • belly
  • no
  • cow
  • sheep
  • no touch
  • mine (gotta love that one)
  • no mine (see above)
  • pray (makes up for the ones above)
  • Jesus...amen (that's her short prayer)
  • shoe
  • boot
  • sock
  • teeth
  • hair
  • bowl
  • snack
  • cup
  • potty
  • powder
  • mouth
  • again
  • more
  • book
  • car
  • coat
  • out
  • bubbles
  • I want more
  • map (dora related)
  • boots (also dora related)
  • color
  • ball
  • coming (says when you call her)
  • TV
  • button
  • one
  • two
  • I love you! (particularly special since Jeffrey is saying, "I don't love you, Mommy!)

I'm sure there are many more, but it amazes me that my baby is less of a baby every day! She is beginning to put sentences together and develop more of an independent personality.

On the one hand I am so ready for this, on the other hand, I miss the baby stage. But there will be no more babies for me...(loud cheers and yippees!)...just the nursery at church! I'm down to a single stroller, leaving the diaper bag in the car, and only three car seats!


Mike said...

You forgot one of my favorites - mote (remote) :) That's my girl.

terri said...

Those are so sweet - especially her names for her brothers and sisters - and her prayer.
I've just gotten used to having one stroller and no diaper bag - in a few months I'll start all over again. :)

Deedee said...

Too cute! What? No more? I figured you for the next 'Cheaper by the dozen' movie!! LOL! Enjoy every minute of this stage, it is so precious! I miss it lots, especially since my 'baby' just turned SIX last week!!!!!! Never mind - more foster babies coming next week, pop over and read about it! (Really, I'm not joking!)

Montana Grandma said...

How about "GAMMA" for "Grandma". I guess we all like the words that may mean Morgan knows who WE are!! Yay, MO MO!

I'm looking forward to seeing you for an overnight next week, Muffy, Scooter, and Mo Mo! ... GRANDMA

Jenn said...

Unfortunately "mote" is said way too often in our household! And Grandma, I'm sorry I missed "Gamma". It is darling - especially when she is running to greet you at the door!

And Deb - as much as I love Cheaper By The Dozen, I have no aspirations!