Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will We Ever Thaw Out?

I have lots to share, but no time in which to sit and compose and edit pictures. There's Bible Quiz, and Jarrett's growing hair, potty training stories, and the great freeze of January 2008.

For now I just wanted everyone (all four readers) to know that I hadn't completely frozen and I will attempt to get some pictures up this afternoon. However, the kids only have half a day of school, so we'll have to see how the day shapes up.

And if you were watching your weather, yes, Billings this morning was -15 (yes that is a negative!), but that was measured at the airport, which happens to sit on top of a big hill. Down in the valley where I live, it was only -6 (yes, that's still a negative!).

Meredith has a doctor's appointment this morning at 10:30. It's only 9:30, but with all the bundling up that need to be done, it may take me the whole hour!

Till later...


Carrie said...

And today it is only 29 and you were outside without a coat on....its a tropical heat wave!!!!

By the way I love the picture at the top of your page....and all the kids in the picture too!!!

E Jill Riley said...

I'm still cold.

E Jill Riley said...

Carrie, don't ever take a picture of me like that. It'll take up too much camera space.

terri said...

I LOVE your new picture at the top. SOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!