Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Computers Drive me Crazy! Part II

Okay, so while I was posting my comments yesterday, my husband was secretly out purchasing a new computer for me. I guess I won't have any reason to complain, except of course that now I have to figure out a new Office program, Adobe programs, oh and rearrange my computer desk since it is right now emptied onto my kitchen counter. On the bright side, I have a new computer, I was given the opportunity to clean my computer desk, and I found some phone numbers I had been looking for!


nicole said...

Congratulations. I hate to say it, but you REALLY needed a new computer. You are not supposed to do other errands/chores while you are waiting for a single page to load. It builds patience, but I think you have enough patience builders with your six lovely kids!

Chris said...

Horray! New computer! We are patiently waiting for our computer to die so Josh can buy me a notebook. Maybe I will have to sabotage it somehow, but I don't really think it needs all that much help.