Saturday, February 17, 2007

Quick Before the Snow is Gone!

The past few days 50 degree temperatures have melted just about all of our 10 inches of beautiful snow, leaving us with dirty mush! But yesterday we ran outside and took a few pictures to remember our big snow! The kids went sledding on the little hill in our park and even Jeffrey enjoyed it! The hill isn't even half the size of the one in our backyard in Indiana, so it's much easier to climb holding a baby and a sled! Morgan thought the snow was great even though she never actually touched it. The kids were sopping wet by the time we had played for 30 min, but we got some fun pictures. One similar to this one will be used for our mailer for Yellowstone Church. 25,000 postcards inviting people to our Grand Opening on March 11th. Please keep us in your prayers. As for this picture, the child on the left is one of ours, but we only claim him on odd numbered days!!!


Chris said...

You crack me up! Josh IS my Mayne Man. Love the new pics! So who does Judson belong to tomorrow?

Chris said...

P.S. Love Muffy's little hip action pose, too.

Jenn said...

Can you imagine what she'll be like in ten years???? AHHHHHH!!!