Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yesterday we went to the zoo for some family time. It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the forties, and the big kids had the day off of school. So, finally by 1:30pm we were off. We walked around the petting zoo part and saw the chickens and peacocks (not good petting animals) and the goats and bunnies. Then we followed the path around to the wolves - doesn't every zoo have wolves??? then the paved path disappeared and we were in the mud. Not big huge mud puddles, but a little gooier than mommy likes. Over the river and through the woods (literally) to the tiger, red pandas, and sika deer, then back through the woods to the crow (yes there is a crow in a cage), porcupine, & big horn sheep, then over the river to the eagles and the highlight for the kids - the PLAYGROUND! Logged two miles for Mommy and Daddy's Shape Up Montana program!

This one looks like trouble for a reason!

Sweet sisters!

Brothers having fun!


Chris said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family. Sounds like the zoo was the place to go this week. My friend Deanne (fragile flower) just posted pics of her family's trip to their zoo. :) We will wait for warmer weather for that adventure. I'll definitely ave to scrap a page on Donosaurus's first trip to the zoo.

Chris said...

I had a really nice long comment all typed out that somehow got deleted when I signed in to post it. Urrrgh! It basically boiled down to the fact that your kids are beautiful, and the zoo was a popular destination for my blogging friends this week.

Chris said...

Oh, lookey there. It didn't get deleted, and now I look silly. Well, par for the course I'd say.