Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crack Open Our Six-Pack

There are definitely very few dull moments around our household, and I thought I would show you why! From youngest to oldest:

Morgan is our sweetie pie! She has just learned to creep around (not yet a full crawl). Now she is getting four top teeth - not so much fun! Weighing in at 18 lbs, she's our light-weight!

This would be where you always find Jeffrey - in the kitchen begging for a "nak". He is always busy and not always in a good way. It is virtually impossible to Jeffrey-proof your house! He'll be two next month and we are beginning to feel the full effects of that. Weighing in at 36 lbs, he is our tank!!!

Meredith is our ham! She has recently perfected the "knock-knock/banana/orange" joke and is always proud of herself when someone laughs (or even if they don't!). She has just learned to spell her name and can count to 29. She is always singing and can make her bed and clean her room so well she would put a military man to shame! Who knows how much she weighs - she's over three so we stopped measuring!

Jarrett's name means "strong-spear" and he is strong! He started kindergarten this Fall and is now reading! That just amazes me every time he reads a book or a street sign. He loves his legos and is almost always building something - or playing Star Wars Legos video games! I'm pretty sure he weighs the same as Meredith, but it is really a guessing game at this point.

As you can see we finally have some snow! Judson is my driveway shoveller! It gets him building muscles for basketball! He is in second grade this year and doing a great job playing basketball. He is a great defender and can hit 3-pointers about 50% of the time!

As you can see, Mikalah is our cheerleader - this year. She says next year she wants to play basketball instead. She is now in fourth grade and will be getting an appliance in her mouth this next week to prepare her for braces. She is also in Honor Choir and Girl Scouts and I'm pretty sure she never stops talking!

And this is Mike. He is the cause of the six-pack! And while this is not a great picture, he had just come from the barber and had them color his hair Colts blue! (Thankfully, is washed out!)

So these are the people I hope to write often about. These are the people that make my life so interesting. Without them, my house would be clean and organized; my car would never smell of old french fries and chicken nuggets; my clothes would never have drool or spit-up on them; and I would be lonely!


Chris said...

It makes me miss you so much I want to cry! Great pictures!! Thank you so much for posting these. You rock, you awesome blogger you.

Big Sky Grandma said...

I love your blog and looking at all of your wonderful, happy faces! I am very proud to see all of you so wonderfully displayed here!

becca said...

Thanks for the introductions! I'd been wanting to meet your crew! Not sure how you do it! Hats off to ya, though! Keep up your awesome blogging!

Aaron said...

Great to see all the kids! All growing up. Elijah is beggin to come out soon.

Heasleye said...

How fun to see your pictures! I think that my Ethan and your Jarrett would get along just fine...Legos and the Star Wars Legos game are very high on his list right now too!
Keep up the blogging! :)