Monday, February 19, 2007

Computers Drive Me Crazy!

My computer is not all that old. I've had it for about eight years. It's not the fastest thing, but it gets the job done. Now my husband's computers (yes, computers) are newer and faster and he has little patience with mine. I admit my patience wanes a bit, but I'm usually doing four things at once, so I can ask my computer to do something, then go do a load of laundry, change a diaper and clean the kitchen, then come back to see that my computer is finally responding. My hubby is also quite knowledgeable about computers. I consider myself pretty computer literate, but not as much as he. When I ask him a computer question, it's a little difficult for him to answer - especially if the question is really simple. And I have learned not to ask him to show me how to do something on my computer (the whole patience thing) and when he shows me on his computer...well lets just say it doesn't look the same when I get back to my computer. So this video just explains all of that in much more humorous terms.

Now when I get a bit more computer literate, I'll figure how how you can view it right on my blog without having to actually go to YouTube's site.

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Deanne said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Chris's (she talks about you a lot!...don't worry, it's all good!) Anyway, if you want to know how to post a video from YouTube, this is how I got it to work....when you find a video you want, look to the upper right hand portion of the screen, there will be a html link for you to copy (just for this sort of purpose). Then, when you get to your new post for your blog, find the 'edit html' tab and insert the code copied from YouTube. You should be able to put it anywhere you want within your post. Posting a video like this is NOT done the same way as posting a picture.

I sure hope this makes sense! :)