Friday, March 30, 2007

He's 2!!!!

My not-so-little-one is now two! Yesterday we celebrated Jeffrey's second birthday as quietly as a family of eight can. No huge to-do, but a fun family celebration. the plan was to grill hot dogs and have yummy Costco cake. But due to the sudden change in weather (Tuesday, sunny and 75, thursday, snowy and 30) we boiled hot dogs - not as glamourous. He loved the ketchup on his dog and then opened presents (Grandma and Grandpa Iverson were there too), and then had cake and ice cream. Then it was just play time. No nap for the precious birthday boy, but an early bed time.

It is hard to believe that two years ago he was being born. I remember going into the hospital a little before 6am, and the nurse starting to get everything ready because having given birth four previous times this was definitely going to be quick. My friend Chris showed up and being a massage therapist went to work on making my contractions more effective and less painful - yeah, Chris! Then my friend Shannon showed up. I remember carefully breathing deeply through contractions until my husband suggested that since this was the last one, I should just get the epidural and enjoy it more. Ah, sweet drugs, they are definitely a gift from God! A few hours later and a Push and a half, we had our sweet baby boy #3. At 8 lbs even he was also the biggest. (And remains that way today!)

What I find amusing are the things that I distictly remember about that day:
  1. The fact that my doctor was having her day off.
  2. I was in the same room that my friend Carrie Story had delivered her son in just two weeks earlier.
  3. Shannon has very petite hands, but a huge amount of love comes from them!!!
  4. Chris crying as Jeffrey was born.
  5. Then Shannon crying.
  6. Then me crying, 'cuz who can let her friends cry alone!
  7. Calling my grandparents to let them know that Jeffrey Andrew Guilliard Iverson had been born (named after Grampy Guilliard Thompson!).
  8. Being thankful that Meredith was a girl, because I didn't know if I could handle four boys in a row! (I know that sounds so aweful, but it was what I was thinking
  9. Strongly disliking the fact that they took my blood pressure every half hour!
  10. Despite the fact that the bed is not comfortable, being a little sad that I had to go home.

Looking back at that makes me realize that giving birth makes your mind and emotions really wacko sometimes. Over the last two years of Jeffrey's life, I've learned several things.

  1. People thought four kids was a lot, five is just crazy.
  2. He was not our last, so now Six is just crazy! (we are really done now!!!)
  3. People will be rude enough to ask if you know what causes babies to be born!
  4. Five children in four car seats do not fit in a mini-van
  5. Jeffrey Andrew Guilliard Iverson does not roll off the tongue when trying to scold said child.
  6. It is possible for a child to "scoot" on his belly faster than I can catch him.
  7. Even if I vac every day, he will find dust bunnies somewhere!
  8. When found, he will eat dust bunnies.
  9. Even an 10 month old can find the off switch on the computer, thus destroying the work I had done for the past three hours, because I didn't hit "save".
  10. Now at two and 32 lbs. (he's lost four over the last six months) he is too big to carry anywhere.

He is a precious boy, so I'll keep him and share a little bit of him with you!

Jeffrey @ 6 months

(probably more like 7 or 8, but suppose to be 6 month picture)

Jeffrey loves Bob (the tomato), but he also calls Larry, "Bob".

MMMMM...Coscto chocolate cake with strawberry filling!

I need that cake faster, mom!

It was such a long day that he fell asleep at dinner.

It's been a long time since that has happened!


Carrie said...

The day was definitly a little wild, but tons of fun. I was thrilled to have started working at the Bible Book Store and found some really cute Bob items for him. Jeffrey is very sweet and adorable as you ask him how old he is. His speech is getting so much better and he actually responds with answers instead of "NO." He is a very sweet two-year-old boy!!!

Chris said...

Such a sweet post! And I love that his "6 month" picture is from the 6 month-ish era of his babyhood. I think that will happen to every baby of ours after D. I remember crying at Jeffrey's birth. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed (especially since I wasn't very coherent during my own son's birth having fallen asleep during my C-section!)

becca said...

What a great post! Thanks for the sillouette of your little sweetie. Again with the CostCo thing, if only I could experience for myself!

Deanne said...

Sweet! I love birth stories! Sounds like Jeffrey was not put off by the weather changing his birthday plans. That's good! I wish I had had Chris live near enough to me so I could have experienced her massage therapy, but then my labors are pretty quick (I missed out on the epidural with the last one!)