Monday, March 19, 2007

Mmm...grill season!

Tonight we grill!!! Bubba burgers for the fast and easy need to get to swim lessons dinner, but the smell is still the same!!! Yummo. Yesterday it was T-bones on the grill. I meant to only eat half of mine, but it was so good I ate all of it and was too full for the rest of the day! Wednesday's high? 49 degrees.

PS: Mike wants me to make sure and tell you he is the grill master! (Especially since last week I grilled and left the grill on all night and we ran out of propane.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!

Yum - my husband is grilling Salmon tonight after we get back from the ice park (

All your snow is gone already!!! Check back with us in a month...hopefully all ours will be gone too! =)

Diane in Alaska

Jenn said...

Wow! Those ice sculptures are amazing! But I still love how they say the weather is great and their thermometer reads 14 degrees!

Chris said...

Mike IS the grill master! I have tasted and can testify. Although it has been a while & his skills may have deteriorated. I'll have to sample his goods again sometime just to make sure.

Chris said...

You taunt me with your talk of Cancun & date nights at Costco. I may not comment here for a while just to get even!