Friday, March 16, 2007

A WEEK????

Wow, this week has been busy, but I did not realize that I had not posted at all this week. So to steal an idea from my friend Chris, here are the 10 reasons why I haven't posted in a week:

10. Yellowstone Church launched last Sunday with 90 people in attendance! Yeah God!
9. Those people need to be followed up with.
8. Jarret & Meredith started swimming lessons.
7. Judson & Mikalah started swimming lessons.
6. Jeffrey started a Mommy & Me swim lesson.
5. Jeffrey started speech therapy. (side note: he said "hippo" today!!!)
4. Morgan started crawling which means she doesn't stay where I put her.
3. When she crawls she finds all the dust bunnies and starts to eat them (yuk!)
2. I am starting to trade fall/winter clothes for spring/summer clothes for the whole family.
1. I'M A MOTHER TO SIX KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trish D said...

Slacker :)

Deanne said...

I think #1 trumps all other reasons/excuses no matter what they are! :) For some reason I thought your church launch was this weekend. Crap, my prayers are way behind! The Lord knows and maybe he applied them to last weekend? :) Will you do a post about the new church???

Jenn said...

I'll post after this weekend (week #2) and update y'all.

Chris said...

You have very valid reasns for not posting for a week. We forgive you. (And our determination not to have 6 chidren is reinforced.)