Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More Dishes?

So I just loaded the dishwasher with last night's dishes. I like waking to a clean kitchen, but they wouldn't all fit in the dishwasher because it was full of yesterday's lunch dishes. I was chatting with Chris as I did this, and her comment was, "I'm not having six kids!" We'll see???? I said I wouldn't move to Montana and here I am.


Chris said...

You think you're so funny. And I'm SO not having six kids!!

Trish D said...

Yeah, kind of like I said I'd never live on the East Coast (and definitely not in a big city!!)... or have a kid in December... The Lord certainly has a way of reminding us whose plans really matter sometimes!

Jenn said...

And I said I'd never date Mike, move to Montana, or drive a 15 passenger van. Ha! Now I'm trying I'll never own 100 pairs of shoes or never get to buy the entire collection at Talbots. Do you think that'll work?