Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Okay, I've looked and hunted and I just can not figure out how to get a cute picture next to my comments. How do you do that?????


No pictures, but yesterday we took the kids to our local water park. Five slides, two back-yard size pools, and a kiddie-pool. The kids had a blast (they've never been to Schlitterbahn), Morgan got a fat lip (face plant on the concrete), and Mommy has racoon eyes (no sunscreen and big sunglasses!).


becca said...

Chrisie helped me and I think Deanne helped her, so we've got to work together for these things. I had phone help. I think if I remember right, I put a picture I wanted on a post (to be deleted later), then clicked on html, copied the html for it, then went to edit profile, and pasted it in the hole for photo URL. It's been a while and I could be wrong, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself can correct me, if so!

Deanne said...

Becca is right. But in order for you to do this you will be posting a pic in your profile (which will show up next to your bio about yourself, then you'll have two pretty pics...unless you delete the big one you already have). I hope you figure it out! Call Chris, maybe she can walk you through it, if not then she can give you my number and I'll help you! :)

Maggie said...

I'll do a post tomorrow to teach you how to do that. Be sure to link to the post, cause I have a stat goal tomorrow, and we know what a life and death situation that is. {okay, so a bit dramatic, but why not a bit of excitement, anyway?}