Saturday, August 18, 2007


I live in a household that had been on the countdown for the much anticipated High School Musical 2. As a Grease-loving person myself, I did so love High School Musical. I was (still am) that nerdy girl that dreamed of dating the popular jock (what I got was so much better!) But like most sequels, I was sceptical for HSM2. While only seeing it once now, I still like the first one better. However, it should be noted that I did enjoy the movie; the life messages; and the "romance". And not to disappoint, I did cry - twice. But I cried at Cars, Monsters, and Ratatouille. (who am I kidding - I cry at almost every movie!) And the music in #2 - Michael Jackson would be proud. Carrie and I laughed - hard...but it was definitely a fun movie!

The one that was most anticipating the premiere was Mikalah. She can sing the songs, dance the dances, and cheer the cheers. She had a friend spend the night, concocted a new snack, and stayed up late to watch! Then today she went to the Montana Fair as a performer. She and a couple of friends sang and danced on the "Free Stage". They performed a few HSM songs! Mike and Carrie took the kids while Morgan stayed home with me icing and resting my infamous toe. This would be the toe that was starting to feel better, but I slammed up into a chair leg this morning. That does NOT feel good. So the house was quiet, I did six loads of laundry, I finished the program for church tomorrow, and addressed 650 advertisements for and event next week. Not that I want to hurt my foot again, but I have accomplished a lot just sitting. And my performing daughter did a great job.

I'll leave you with some video of Mikalah's performance and go finish baths and HSM2 for the second time!


Chris said...

So cute! So talented! No wonder you had 6.

OneCoolMama said...

My seven year old has really been into this show too. She also had Friday marked on the calendar and has already watched it several times. (I was out of town, so I haven't seen it yet - I'm sure I will soon!)

OneCoolMama said...

Also.....Mikalah did a great job on this!