Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Addition

My husband so beautifully reminded me last night that Morgan was now fourteen months old and that when Jeffrey was fourteen months old I was giving birth to Morgan! Well, Hallelujah, I'm not this time!!! Morgan is still our youngest child!!!

We do have a new addition to the family though. After having a gym membership and not using it and getting rid of it and complaining about not having any "nice" gyms in Billings, I wore my husband down and we purchased a treadmill. Neither of us really like to run, but really the convenience of running for 20 minutes in the morning without waking children is very appealing. Now I just have to buckle down and use the thing...maybe in six months I'll be as talented as these guys.

or these guys might be a better goal for now!!!


Deedee said...

Oh my word!! I'm not sure which is actually 'sadder'?? The people who did the thing in the first place or the people who copied them with lego????? LOL! Thanks I needed a good laugh today! Hope you get on well with the new excersise plan.

Deanne said...

Congrats on the newest 'addition' in your family (but this one is less painful and can be left alone without fussing or complaining!).

Man! I was gonna use that first video on one of my YouTube Tuesdays! You beat me to it girl! :)

Anonymous said...

That whole treadmill dancing thing is so weird. I wonder who was sitting around one day and thought that up. By the way, I am jealous. I want a treadmill so bad. I walk outside, pushing a stroller, and making the other two keep up. It isn't that great of a workout. I have dreams of walking into my room, turning on my ipod, and walking on a treadmill in peace, while the children are sleeping. One day.
And in answer to your question.....he has been in the past, but not at the present time, and anxiously awaiting to see where God sends us next. (We did a LOT of church planting research and are also very interested in that) We'll see.......
Sorry I wrote a novel in your comment box. :)

Chris said...

How do you have time to find this stuff?? Thanks for the decorating advice this morning.

Trish D said...

I hadn't seen the Lego knock-off, and our 4 YO just pronounced it "AWESOME!" (BTW, have you seen their wallpaper video?

Sadly, we have a treadmill masquerading as a junk collector in our back room. Really gotta get back to using it!!

Jenn said...

I have to confess that my husband, Carrie, and two of my children have used the treadmill, but I have yet to...maybe this evening. I might just have to start reporting my usage to keep myself accountable!

Deanne, sorry for stealing your thunder - I just thought it was too hilarious!

Chris, sorry to break the bubble, but all I did was google treadmill while we were researching which one to buy!