Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Confirmed

The saga of my toe continues...

This morning when I woke up my toes was still hurting a lot. Now I don't want to sound like a baby, but when I can't walk quickly to get to something or someone, it gets a little frustrating. So my husband, being ever concerned for his beautiful bride suggested I at least call the nurse and explain my pain. Or maybe he was just tired of listening to me explain my pain to him...hmmmm. Well, I took his suggestion and I'm not so sure I'm grateful yet. The nurse suggested I go and see the doctor and have my foot x-rayed just in case a piece of bone had broken off or in case there was a problem with the alignment. I knew tires could have problems, but who knew toes could too.

So I went to see the doctor. The first clinic said the wait would be two hours! Well, my sweet caring husband was watching the kids and needed to get to golf this afternoon, so two hours would be too long to wait just to see the doctor. Off to the second clinic. Their wait was only 1 hour. By the time I drove to the third clinic, my wait would be partially over so I decided to stay at clinic #2. Nice people, pleasant office, LONG wait. Try 90 minutes just to be called back. And you all know that means just a change of scenery to wait a little longer! The nurse took all my vitals, told me I had the blood pressure of a teenager - I think that's good or maybe just that I had drifted into an almost comatose state while waiting to be seen.

Finally the doctor comes in and informs me that they should x-ray it. I started wondering where is the office where you can just walk in a request an x-ray - skip the doctor part, because now I had to wait another 45 min. for the x-ray tech to call me. I could have skipped the first 2 hours and just gone straight to the x-ray tech, had the doc read the x-ray, confirm that indeed my fourth toes is broken, and suggest that I get a hideous boot to keep it stable. oh, yeah, and ice it and take tylenol, and stay off it.

As a mother of six, staying off my feet is not really an option (especially when my husband has golf tonight - really!). I'm pretty sure I've exceeded my daily allowance of tylenol by lunch time. I already ice my toe probably 3 hours a day. And the boot, really, a fashion diva like myself can not be seen wear such a thing. Now if it were winter, I could wear jeans and disguise it to look like the latest Ugg, but in the summer when the other foot is sporting the cutest flip-flop? That is where I draw the line! I'll settle for taping it, and if by Friday it still is too painful, maybe I'll see if a boot can be bedazzled!


Deanne said...

Yes, seeing a doctor is all about playing the waiting game. i think those who pray for patience wind up in the waiting room (of one sort or another). : )

I hope your feeling better super soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! A broken toe sounds really painful. You poor girl. Maybe you'll get some serious sympathy and time to recover. And, I bet you could really fancy up a boot. Does it come in pink? :)
Good luck with the healing. :)

becca said...

How are you supposed to take care of you? You might need help with those kiddos so you can heal a bit. Don't know how you do it on a normal day!

Chris said...

At least you can take Tylonol.

You crack me up! As if a fashion diva like yourself would be seen in anything that had been "bedazzled"! Hope you're doing better. Did you get your fabulous boot?