Thursday, October 18, 2007

Curls, Leaves, & Webkinz

There is no school today. That really should be all I have to say, but it's not.

I have several whiny children. And I have instituted slave labor.

My children would rather be playing Webkinz all day long! I know it is new and the newness will wear off, but the other day Mikalah was playing on my laptop, Jarrett in the kitchen, and Judson in Mike's office. Sad that they were playing together on the computer and all ten feet away from each other.

Besides when they play, I can't get on the computer!

So instead, since it is a beautiful day (mind you it is windy and only 54 degrees, but the sun is out, so it is a nice day), my children are raking leaves. I am keeping my neighbors two kids (11 &9) today as well, so they are slave labor too. When they finish with my yard they get to do their yard.

There has been lots of leaf pile jumping and some sword fighting...

They are 9 year old boys you know!

But work is getting done and the whining happens in spurts instead of constant.

In other news, Morgan has a new word: "Whoa!" Where most kids drop something and say, "uh-oh", she has started saying "Whoa!" In the Nick from Family Ties voice or for you younger crowd, Joey from Friends.

This is how cute she looks after dumping the big box of crayons on the floor followed by a big "Whoa!"

And then here are her curls!!! Where she got them, I do not know. Most of my kids had some curl, but by the time they were a year it had grown out. Hers are these tight ringlets. The picture isn't the greatest, so I'll see if I can capture her outside in the sunshine later.

It is lunchtime and I suppose to be a good master I should feed the they have strength to do some more raking...and sword fighting.


Mike said...

Wow!! I love reading your blog. It gives me such wonderful insight into our beautiful family. Thanks for doing this.

jenn@myderbe said...

Hey, we had some slave labor around here today too. And my kids were not so very happy with me about it. At one point, I asked my 6 year old why he wasn't helping pick up toys. He looked up at me as if I had sprouted horns and turned green, and he said, "Uhhh . . I don't like work."

Chris said...

Love the curls! I love D's, too, but I have to cut most of his off. Maybe I'll have a curly girl next time.

Chris said...
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