Friday, October 5, 2007

It Wasn't So Cute at the Time

but how can you be mad at a 2 year old that's asking to pray? For the last five nights Jeffrey has been waking up @ 2ish AM crying. Here's how the conversation goes...every morning:

Me: Jeffrey, what's wrong, sweetheart? (really sappy and sweet like - or as sweet as a groggy mommy can be at 2am)

Jeffrey: I pray (sweet and whiny)

Me: okay, go ahead (Through clenched teeth wondering why he woke me up just to pray, but feeling guilty, because how does a mommy get mad when he baby wants to pray!)

Jeffrey: Mommy, Daddy, Food, God, Amen (covering all the important things!)

Me: Lord, help Jeffrey have a peaceful night's sleep and not wake up again!

And then he goes back to sleep. The first few nights were annoying, but I do feel guilty for feeling annoyed. But by the third night, I felt like Samuel wondered if God was trying to get my attention to pray about something and had to use my two year old to wake me up. Now that we are on the fifth night, and I've prayed about it and just don't feel like I'm missing anything, it's just not so cute.


Deanne said...

He did miss one important thing....sleep! Maybe he needs to pray for sleep too?! And maybe it isn't your attention that the Lord is trying to get....try having your husband go in at 2am next time. :)

E Jill Riley said...
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E Jill Riley said...

I posted a musical response to this for you on my blog!

Jenn said...

I actually sent the daddy last night, but I also went to bed after midnight, so no good night's sleep.

Jill: fun video!

Jenn said...

very funny -- says the mom who is not being woken up in the middle of the night. :) Actually, I do understand. My almost 2 year old also has been waking up, and though he hasn't asked to pray, I have felt a strong impression from the Holy Spirit to do so. I'm not exactly the nicest, sweetest person when abruptly woken up, but God has been helping me be nice.