Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My 100 Favorite Items From Costco

  1. Coscto white cake with cheese cake filling and butter cream icing
  2. batteries...we go through a lot
  3. carter's sleepers...I have enough, but always want more
  4. Sharpie markers
  5. chunky granola
  6. 5 lbs bag of chocolate chips
  7. two gallons of milk for $3.79
  8. 3lb bags of whole bean coffee
  9. Bailey's Irish Cream
  10. Ugg-like boots for $39
  11. 3 lb. tub of sour cream
  12. 20 lb box of Tide laundry detergent...lasts two weeks
  13. Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie dough
  14. big bag of frozen corn or peas or green beans
  15. Laura Ashley dresses for little girls
  16. Dockers shorts for big girls
  17. Dyson Vacuum cleaner...ahhhhhhh
  18. cheap, good quality mattresses
  19. chocolate chip muffins
  20. 30 lb bag of dog food
  21. diapers...size 5
  22. jeans for boys...all boys
  23. two loaves of wheat bread for $3
  24. chicken pot pie...yummo!
  25. Mike wants me to mention the plasma tvs
  26. maple there anything better than bacon?
  27. blueberry muffins
  28. 5 lb bag of Tillamook shredded cheddar cheese
  29. a dozen jumbo Gala apples...snack for three days
  30. large boxes of cereal
  31. huge rotisserie chickens
  32. poppy-seed muffins
  33. garlic sea-salt grinder
  34. glue sticks...more than most people could use in a lifetime...gone first day of school
  35. jumbo pack of Charmin toilet paper...lasts two weeks
  36. king size down comforter
  37. diapers...size 3
  38. 1000 tylenol caplets
  39. women's ribbed tank tops - no built-in bra
  40. Fiber One bars
  41. apple strudel muffins
  42. sliced Tillamook cheddar cheese
  43. underwire bras
  44. carter's underwear for kids
  45. 2 lb block of Tillamook extra-sharp white cheddar cheese
  46. multi pack of post-it notes
  47. 500 sheets of white tissue paper
  48. jumbo pack of Bounty paper towels...lasts three weeks
  49. Pull ups
  50. 400 thread count sheets
  51. Margarita mix
  52. asparagus
  53. jumbo pack of napkins
  54. three-pack of whip cream
  55. 1 gallon of egg nog
  56. raw tortillas
  57. butter
  58. reverse osmosis water system
  59. sleeping pillows...2 for $9.99
  60. baby wipes
  61. two dozen eggs
  62. 4 half-gallons of OJ
  63. chocolate truffles
  64. Real Simple Magazine
  65. crate-o-strawberries
  66. light bulbs
  67. frozen Mocha Latte for $1.55
  68. pumpkin cheesecake
  69. 4 lbs. of maraschino cherries
  70. giant bag of Tostitos chips
  71. guacamole
  72. frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts
  73. three pack of Robitussin
  74. pork chops...related to bacon
  75. jumbo peaches
  76. water bottles
  77. chicken apple gouda sausages
  78. baby back ribs...especially slow-cooked and BBQ'd
  79. pork and vegetable egg rolls
  80. 96 oz of Skippy peanut butter
  81. 64 oz of strawberry jam
  82. 1500 Q-tips
  83. peach white cranberry juice...two gallons per week
  84. 40 lb. bag of flour
  85. 96 oz bag of pretzels...lasts at least four months
  86. fruit snacks...AKA "nak, nak"
  87. no. 2 pencils
  88. yoga pants
  89. Quaker chewy granola bars
  90. Tuscan three cheese potato chips
  91. Johnny's garlic spread
  92. any very large bottles...for cheap
  93. Starbucks frappaccinos
  94. multi pack of band-aids
  95. 100 calorie packs of chips for kids lunches
  96. tub of vanilla ice cream
  97. big ol' pack of hot dogs
  98. mini packages of baby carrots
  99. $1.50 hot dog and drink...feeds the family and Carrie for less than $12
  100. Free samples!

** I could keep going because there are probably 100 more things I could list, but I'll save them for later.


Deedee said...

You do know that you got us hooked on Costco- don't you????? My reasons?

-I can get Skippy, any size!
-I can get Chocolate chips bigger than 4 oz!
-I can get Fruit snacks
-I can get Beef hotdogs (we don't eat pork!)
-I can get Platex sippy cups (rather that the rubbish leaky ones they sell here)
-I can get oreos!!!
-The only place that makes a sheet cake.
-Ditto cheap dinner out
-Ditto free samples

We have to drive 45 minutes to get there but it is totally worth it for a taste of home!

Anonymous said...

Ok- the only thing worse than you being able to list 100 things from Costco- is that I sat and read them all :)
Love you all :)

Deanne said...

Love your 100 post! It makes me wonder if it doubles as your shopping list for your next trip to the beloved store. :)

**we are back home and settled ok for the most part. School is canceled for the week (I'm praying and hoping it will reopen on Monday!). The air gets better each day, but the ash was bad and I've had to vacuum the window sills and doorways where it has come through the cracks in amazing amounts. The Lord was gracious to us as our home and neighborhood was spared. The fire came with in 2 miles of us. I am praying and hoping there is a way for us to reach out and help those around us that were effected by the fires. Thanks for asking and thinking of us.

Trish D said...

Very funny list - and it makes me wish we had Costco out here. BJ's and Sam's are OK, but just not the same!! :)

Chris said...

I second several of those!

shannon said...

i want to know why you buy a 5 lb bag of chocolate chips and also chocolate chip cookie dough, chocoalte chip muffins and granola bars too? What is it that you do with chocolate chips? Or do I want to know?!!!!

Jenn said...

Well, I'm glad to know others of you appreciate Costco as well. I could not let Shannon's questioning of my chocolate purchases go unanswered.

The granola bars are completely separate - they are healthy kid snack.

The muffins are breakfast. Half a muffin and a piece of fruit is a standard school morning breakfast.

The 5lb. bag of chips are for making cookies or banana bread or for a chocolate fix when there is no other in the house.

The cookie dough...that's to keep Carrie happy. Always keep your Carrie happy! Then she does wonderful things for you, like clean your kitchen or take your kids to the pumpkin patch! Thanks Carrie! Enjoy the cookie dough!