Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shoe Update

We have success!

Sort of.
It did cost us something to be successful and I wish I had some wonderful sale story to give you, but I don't. But I do have shoes for my ELEVEN year old daughter.

We found black boots at Famous Footwear:

They have a heel...she's happy. They have a chunky eleven year old's heel...I'm happy.

We also got a pair of these:

She had a pair of all brown ones in the Spring and I liked them because they looked casual without looking like chunky sneakers.

Which brings me to my question. What do YOU call sneakers? I've just always called them that, but some people (I wouldn't name names Mandy or Pam) find it hilarious that I call them that.

Am I weird? For calling them sneakers, not just weird in general.


Deanne said...

I call them tennis shoes. No, I don't think your abnormally weird for calling them sneakers. But maybe I'd poke fun anyway. :)

Yeah for boots and all-purpose-casual shoes (aka: sneakers) for your 11 year old!!!

Deedee said...

I call them sneakers, but then again I think I'm weird too!

Trish D said...

I think it's a regional thing - I called them tennis shoes while growing up in MT (perhaps you've heard of that little state?), but now that we're East Coasters I now call them sneakers. And yes, I even say soda now rather than pop.

Chris said...

I usually call them "tennishoes" and I always pronounce it like one word with only one s sound. Almost like tenni-shoes. Josh calls them "go fasters". I think he's weird.

Heasleye said...

I think when I met you that you were the first person I knew that called them sneakers! :) It's something I remember about you! I grew up calling them "tenni-shoes" (like Chris). Not so much tenney-shoes, almost tenna-shoes, but more tenni-shoes (short vowel 'i'). I knew someone else who called them tenney-runners. I still call them tenni-shoes, except for shoes for running only...those are just running shoes. :) And if my son were to take up tennis, and have shoes just for tennis, I suppose I might call those "tennis shoes!"

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - they are sneakers. Sneakers are all-purpose, non-dress shoes. Tennis shoes are shoes for playing tennis.

But I also think it's a regional thing - eastern time zone in general calls them sneakers (or sneaks as my little brother called them) and the rest of the country seems to think you can play tennis in just about any type of non-dress shoe.