Monday, October 8, 2007

My Six-Pack

Before I head out to Costco for our weekly shopping trip (at least I don't need diapers this week), I thought I give you some pictures!

Thanks to Carrie for taking those.This cutie-pa-tutie had her first sleepover at Taryn's house and mommy, Jill, took this beautiful picture! Thanks, Jill!

This was Shannon and I "working hard" at our MOPS conference. I forgot to post it earlier! These benches were all over the conference center...I now want one for myself!


Deanne said...

Great pics! Is that the best family pic, not bad if it is! The bench looks pretty comfy's a wonder you returned home! :)

Chris said...

I LOVE the pictures!! They're all getting so big. Can't you pause them for a bit until I can come to visit??

E Jill Riley said...

Yeah. . . about that visit, Chris . . . when?