Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Season Open

In case you missed the announcement, Iverson Birthday Season is now officially open!

We start off with Jeffrey, who turned three yesterday. That announcement came at 7:05AM

"Today is my birthday! I'm three today, Daddy!" is what woke Mike & I up this morning.

Jeffrey's birthday always catches me by surprise. I know, it's the same day every year, but I think birthdays are still a long way off. Now that his birthday has come, I will probably have the next six planned by the end of the week. Just to make sure everything is taken care of.

It was difficult to come up with an idea for Jeffrey's birthday. What is he into? Being loud! Eating! and Running! That doesn't exactly translate into a fun party.

However, for the last month he has carried his Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat In The Hat books everywhere he goes. So I though a Dr. Seuss party would be fun. (At this point it would be great if i could come up with some Seussical rhyme, but it's Sunday afternoon and my brain is fried!)

Jeffrey had two friends come over (plus Grandma and her friends) and we had lunch and a simple party.

Right as the kids arrived, I whisked them into the kitchen and had them make a footprint that when it had dried, I framed for their parents. thus representing The Foot Book. (As a side note, it seems that some of the language was changed in The Foot Book from the original.)


None other than Green Eggs & Ham aka lime jello eggs & ham sandwiches.

After lunch I gave the kids some apple shaped sticky notes (what a blessing to find! I thought I was going to have to cut out many apples!) to build a tower of ten. Ten Apples Up On Top. Even though the boys could all count to ten, I don't think the concept was well explained.

Then we did presents and I tried to get the kids to act out Hop On Pop, but Mike would have nothing to do with that. Party Pooper!

Then cake and ice cream. I am not a make-your-own-cake mommy. I look for every opportunity to find someone else to do that job. This year (just like many before) Costco came through with a cake for me. I asked for a plain cake with "Happy Birthday, Jeffrey" written on the short end. Then I added colored coconut (thanks, Jill), Dum-dums, and a stuffed Horton (which by the way is the only Dr. Seuss like thing available out there right now. Thank you Borders for having something!).

Then the boys got to play, which is really all they wanted to do in the first place!

This shirt was probably my all-time favorite present!

Later Mike did take Jeffrey outside to let him try out his new bike!

And Dr. Seuss didn't go crazy, but was very tired!

But starting May 1st we have six birthdays in six weeks. Make sure I come up for air every once in a while!


Deanne said...

I Jeffery's shirt! I'll have to find where to get one, it's just too appropriate for our household! Oh, and I like your hat too. :)

Ivy Six-Pack said...

I'm pretty sure it came from Wally-World.

Deedee said...

What a great party!! Well done Mom! I too have children who always want a party for something that there is nothing out there for. Monkey desperately wanted a Tarzan party about 10 years after everyone stopped selling Tarzan stuff!! I hunted ebay and charity shops (goodwill) and managed to put a jungle/tarzan party together complete with a jungle 3D cake! Then there is the fact that McGee wanted a Peter Pan party one year before the stores were flooded with Peter Pan stuff! But we did pirates for the boys and fairies for the girls and had fun anyway! I can't even imagine 6 parties in 6 weeks!!! It takes me the three months to recover from McGee's before I have to do Monkey's!! You have more stamina than I do! LOL!

Trish D said...

Looks like a great party to me - love those green eggs! I'm definitely going to be looking for that shirt as it's also appropriate for our 5 YO :)