Monday, March 31, 2008


I certainly do not want to say that my little guy is accident prone - really, he's just three. That should be explanation enough.

This morning we headed to preschool. It was snowing, of course, because it is March 31st and March 1st was a beautiful day.

So on the way into the preschool, Jeffrey slipped on the tile floor (feet wet + floor slippery = dangerous situation). However, because he was in the process of removing his coat, he was unable to put his hands out to catch himself and instead caught himself with his chin. Right on the metal strip that separates the tile from the carpet. This resulted in a gash so wide and deep that I was pretty sure he needed stitches.

Thankfully, we only went to the pediatrician's office and he was "taped" back together.

Don't you wish more of life was like that? When we make a mistake, or say something we regret and break a relationship, we could just taped it back together?

Needless to say, the little guy will be fine. He'll have a band-aid on his chin for a few days and probably be a little sore, but I'm sure in a few days he will have forgotten about it completely. Hopefully we won't have a new injury to report!


Anonymous said...

Give him hugs from Gabe :)
I just love his hair growing out! :)

terri said...

Ahhhhh...poor little guy. I'm glad he didn't need stitches.
You STILL have snow?!?!?!?