Monday, March 3, 2008

Glad I wasn't on this flight!

Deanne, I'm borrowing your YouTube Tuesday! a day early!

Jill, don't watch, but show Kyle!

CNN story: Battling blustery weather, a Lufthansa Airlines flight scraped its wing on the ground during a landing attempt in Hamburg, Germany, over the weekend.

The plane recovered and landed safely the second time around, the spokesman said.

Dramatic amateur video of the incident that appeared on the Internet showed the Airbus A320 teetering as it tried to land during the brutal winter storm on Saturday.

As it nears the tarmac, one wing visible scrapes the ground.

"As we were about to touch down, a gust of wind pressed the left wing towards the ground," a Lufthansa pilot identified only as Oliver A. said in a statement.

"We pulled up immediately. A maneuver we practice in training very often."

The airline said the pilot has been flying for Lufthansa for 17 years.

Airline spokesman Wolfgang Weber said the left winglet, a fin at the end of the wing scraped the ground after a gust of wind tipped the plane. Damage to the plane was minimal and not structural. He said the plane is already back in service.


Deanne said...

I saw that video earlier today. Crrrrazy!!!

Chris said...

I'm glad I didn't see that until Josh got home safely from his trip.