Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Day So Far...

This afternoon, I thought I'd tell you what happened this morning. Sort of a typical morning for me.

Sort of.

But rather than wait for a great story to share, I'll share the everyday happenings.

6:15 - hubby left for a breakfast meeting & I hopped in the shower hoping to be dressed and somewhat sane before any children awoke. There had been the possiblitly of snow overnight, so I peeked out of the snow.

6:45 - three youngest children awake! I sent them back to Meredith's room to play so that I could apply my face (we don't want to scare the small children too much).

7:00 - too quiet, I went to find where the small ones had gone. This is what I found.

Actual happy children, playing nicely! what a super-natural day this is starting out to be!

7:30 - feed six children and begin wrestling the littlest ones into clothes.

7:45 - check weather. it's only 27 degrees, but by 3pm it is supposed to be mid 40s. there is a hint of sunshine and no snow expected until 6pm. Tell the kids to ride their bikes to school, but you must wear a coat.

7:50 - re-state for the 11 year old that she must wear a COAT, not just a sweater.

7:51 - Give many reasons for why a COAT is necessary instead of a sweater. Main one being, "because I said so!"

8:00 - shoo big kids out all bundled up for the six block bike ride to school. 11 year old still grumpy that I made her wear a coat.

8:30 - trying to find coats for little three. Apparently they are all in the car...cold. Find an extra coat for Meredith and Jeffrey. Both of Morgan's are in the car. Find her a heavy sweatshirt. We'll just run form the car to the building and back. I won't wear a coat either. That way I'll know how cold Morgan is.

8:45 - arrive at bible study and start checking-in kids.

9:00 - finish checking-in kids and go into worship. This is also known as the AHHHHH moment!

10:15 - glance out the window at Bible study to see this...

okay, this is actually the view from my from window, but I didn't have my camera with me, but you get the idea!


I made my children ride their bikes this morning!

My youngest is not wearing a coat!

I am not wearing a coat! and I have on heels! (making up for yesterday's outfit)

Now I am home and cozy in my house, hoping that the rest of March will not be like this, just to fulfill the "In like a lamb, out like a lion" phrase.

Seems like this happened last year. You think I'll remember and just expect it next year? Probably not!

Looks like there will be no sidewalk chalk playing this afternoon!

Bonus Feature:

I received the Woodhouse family picture last week and ran over to Hobby Lobby to get it framed. I purchased a frame and they custom cut a matte for me. The whole thing was less than $50 and took less than 15 minutes!

Thought you might like to see, Mom!

Edited note:

1:15 - It is STILL snowing...blizzard like snow!

Edit #2:

3:23 - it stopped snowing about 2:00. the roads were clear and it was over 40 degrees. The kids bikes had to get home somehow, so we made them ride home. Now they can tell their kids that they had to ride their bikes in the snow to get to and from school. I'm sure their kids won't believe them.

And Mikalah walked in the door and said, "Can I thank you for making me wear my heavy coat. Today no one was allowed to play outside for recess unless they had their heavy coat!"



nicole said...

Does this mean you picked up the kids from school or did they have to ride home in the blizzard?

Ivy Six-Pack said...

check out the edits at the bottom

Carrie said...

AAHHHH!!! I miss your cute kids sooo much!!! Give them all big hugs and kiss for me. However I do NOT miss the snow!! Miss you too!

Deedee said...

I like the picture! And well done Mom!! Nice when even the kids have to admit you were right!! LOL! As painful as that must be for them. :o)

Trish D said...

Man, I can remember those days of going to school when the weather was one way and having it totally change by the time we went home... Great pics! And way to go on pushing the coat issue!!

terri said...

You know you'll never live down the day that "mom made us ride our bikes home in the snow." Was it uphill too???
Mommie Dearest. :)

Chris said...

I love this post! It's so you! Love that you like me are in total denial that spring has not yet sprung. I was out in the yard this afternoon digging up plants that I don't want to keep in order to make room for the strawberry plants I just bought at Costco . . . and there were little crystals of ice in the dirt. Yeah, denial works for me!

Pepperpot said...

My favorite part was totally the COAT part, *snicker*