Monday, March 24, 2008

Profound Information

Throughout my day I think of fun things to share with you, but by the time I get 5 sec. to write, it somehow doesn't sound as exciting as it did originally.

Today, all I have is that Morgan has decided she would like to be a puppy dog and Jarrett has decided to become a monkey.

It was an interesting weekend!

And thanks to three inches of snow Sat. morning, we are glad we decided to forgo the church Easter egg hunt.

And I'm glad I didn't plan on sandals for church!

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Deedee said...

I can top that! We had two inches of snow on Sunday morning!!! Unheard of for England this time of year! LOL! We couldn't convince the kids that it was Easter and not Christmas!! LOL! Thankfully I hadn't planned on 'summery' clothes either. We had all gotten new 'summer weight' sweaters for Easter Sunday outfits - good thing too!!