Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Break?

Even though Spring Break was over three days ago, I am determined to blog briefly about it! I have fought blogger on getting these pictures up, although now blogger is doing just fine. Must have been a busy weekend!

So my whining about Spring Break not being in the Spring is really pointless, but can I just say, "IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!"

There, now I feel better.
We planned some fun activities over Spring Break, something each day.
Monday, Mike took the big kids to the ranch for pregnancy testing. Really, it was for 4-wheeling, but I guess they needed it to sound like they were doing work too. I stayed home with the youngest three since Meredith and Morgan were both running fevers. that made #6 & #7 down with strep. Mikalah was our only hold-out and quite proud of it.
Tuesday I spent at Jill's, painting. and just to show that I'm okay with embarrassing photos, here is one Jill took of me painting. Really I just want to make sure Jill doesn't beat me to it. Now Jill really is a good photographer, but my critique of this one would not be nice!
The rest of the week was spent with a household full of friends which may sound crazy, but I love that my kiddos disappear and play with their friends all day. It was kind of like having only Morgan and sometimes Jeffrey!
We topped off the week with a Daddy-Daughter day. Saturday started with Mike & Morgan making breakfast. And yes, it was warm enough for shorts! Sorry to those of you that found yourselves stuck in snow that day!
Then in the evening, Mike and Mikalah went to a Daddy-Daughter dance. It was so much fun to get ready for, and Mikalah was very excited. Meredith was not so and so this weekend Daddy is spending some special time with her!

She is really getting too big!
And because there were embarrassing photos of me, I thought Mike deserved similar attention!
Now we are half-way into the next week on a crazy roller-coaster ride!
Trying to remember it's all fun!


Mike said...

Doesn't exactly seem to embarrassing to me.

shan said...

Looks like so much fun. Both Morgan and Mikalah are getting big! I love to see Mikalah in a dress and now maybe I can get Ellie to wear one for Easter! Spring break is as early as Easter this year! which means it's really NOT spring!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

I think the shoes helped. The dress wasn't the focus. She thought the hair and shoes were so fun, that the dress was kind of an after thought!

E Jill Riley said...

Did you ever watch Fresh Prince? That expression on Mike's face is like watching Carleton dancing! Glad you posted my picture!

Love the hair, love the dress, and love emily's room. Thanks!

Mike said...

Funny - Carlton was one of the main influences in the development of my mad dancing skills.

Chris said...

How sweet!